The End Times Church is being established on a pattern which partially resembles the Early Church, but a full pattern is better obtained by considering the allegories God has given us from the Old Testament.

A. Apostolic Offices

God is establishing four different realms of operation for the Apostolic Office in these last days. These are based on the structure given by the early leaders of Israel as follows:

Each of these apostolic types has a different emphasis, and together they accomplish the establishment of the Church according the the Pattern that God has given.

Moses Apostles

The role of this apostle is to lay a doctrinal foundation for the Church and to set in place a pattern that will help transition the Church from the systems of this world (Egypt) to the system that God has given (Promised Land).

This apostolic type has a strong emphasis on the Teaching Office.

Joshua Apostles

The role of this apostle is to practically set in place the structure laid out by the Moses Apostle. Thus just as Joshua took the land and apportioned it to the people by their tribes, so the Joshua apostle will 'take the land' and apportion it to the church.

This apostolic type has a strong emphasis on evangelism and revival.

David Apostles

The role of this apostle is to gather together those who have rejected and moved away from the existing church system, and build them together into a new pattern. Just David trained up his mighty men, and then brought the ark of God back to the people, so this apostolic type will bring about the restoration of the presence of God, with an emphasis on music as part of the process.

This apostolic type has a strong emphasis on the Prophetic Office.

Solomon Apostles

The role of this apostle is to bring together the old and new under a new pattern that will establish the fullness of God's order for the End Times Church. In order to accomplish this, this apostolic type will complete the pattern that is initiated by the David apostle, just as Solomon built the temple designed by David.

This apostolic type will make use of the principles of business and cause an influx of finances in order to accomplish this task.

The main emphasis of this apostolic type is the Pastoral Office. 

B. The Church Structure

The End Times church will be structured very much like the early church, but with more emphasis on networking, so that the work will not be destroyed as the early church was because of the lack of full communication.

The End Times Church has far more resources than the early church had, and is more equipped to carry this out. It will do this using the following levels of spiritual authority.

1. Apostolic Parentage

God's order is for the Apostolic Fathers and Mothers to birth a new breed of Fivefold Ministries which will 'leave home' to establish the Church according to the new pattern that has been birthed into them.

2. Apostolic Teams

Those who have been birthed by spiritual parents will function as full apostolic teams, and will be sent forth as Jesus sent his apostles to go forth to the nations to continue the work he had begun.

Amongst such teams there will be those who hold more executive positions as Presbyters under the Apostolic Parents, just Peter, James and John held such positions within the team of 12 that Jesus set up.

3. Prophetic Counter Insurgence

Only by the use of Counter Insurgence Warfare (C.O.I.N.) can the works of darkness  be undermined and overcome. This was lacking in the early church, and the enemy succeeded in destroying all the leaders before the work could grow to a point of being strong enough to survive all attack.

It has been proved that this warfare tactic is more effective than conventional war, and that is why the enemy has sought this form of warfare both against the church, and in the natural world. We must use Satan's own tactics against him in order to survive and overcome.

It is the role of the Prophetic Office both to birth and to protect the establishment of new works. The prophet must prepare the ground in the Spirit, and then continue to protect the new ministry by 'Patrolling the Walls' of the new church.

4. Accountability and Chain of Command

It is necessary that leadership authority always be delegated downwards, and that levels of authority and accountability are maintained for the protection of all, and the efficient functioning of the work of God.

God has never been the author of the Democracy that is so strongly touted by today's policitians. He has always functioned on a Theocracy, where He has the king has given his command and expected a response from the people.

End Times apostles are thus usually depicted as Kings, and Jesus Himself is known as the King of Kings. Thus true apostolic structure involves the delegation downwards of authority and the subsequent accountability to one another in the Lord.

5. Clear Local Structure.

The local church is always the church in the community, and consists of the church in the place where the people live. This is most commonly seen in the form of home churches, or the gathering of small groups for fellowship, breaking of bread and prayers.

The larger gathering is to be found in periodic times of fellowship amongst the home churches, larger conferences and conventions, and the merging together of the church in the local Ministry Center, at which activities will take place 24/7 and from which all local ministry is directed.

This began in the early church with the use of the Temple for public gatherings, and the local gatherings in the homes. Later on Ministry Centers were established in the larger regions.